History of the site

Here are the history of the site, arranged by timeline.

2021/3 Introducing Ghost, node.js, and nginx, enhancing the experience of ths site. see Pic 2021/3. Also make it possible to utterly refactor the previous contest system.
Pic 2021/3 Noobs' CS Block, Powered by Ghost.
2021/2  Improved version of Bouncy Ball(弹弹球) was silently introduced on the server, with changeable speed as the main feature. See Pic 2021/2. Play now.
Pic 2021/2 Improved BouncyBall
2021/1  An implementation of "合成大西瓜"(合成北理工, crafting Bit, or BITMAN as inner code), was released through Qzone, achieving averagely thousands of access within weeks. See Pic 2021/1. The introduction of node.js in this project, helped a lot months later. See Pic 2021/1. Play now.
Pic 2021/1 Craft BIT
2020/10 The site with its online test system, had an implementation by designing an basic online test system for Quan Yuan Bei (全员杯数学竞赛), using asynchronous JavaScript and more database. See Pic 2020/10 - 1 ~3. Show the site.
Pic 2020/10 - 1 Home Page
Pic 2020/10 - 2 Before Exam
Pic 2020/10 - 3 During Exam
2020/9 The prototype version of this site has been released, the first version was powered by basic HTML, CSS, along with ASP. This version was just a work of a specific course, and can be accessed from Github. See Pic 2020/9 - 1 ~ 2020/9 ~3
Pic 2020/9 - 1 First Version of the Site, Home
Pic 2020/9 - 2 First Version of the Site, Online Test System
Pic 2020/9 - 3 First Version of the Site, About Me Page

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