Welcome to Noobs' CS Block(Official name: 一枚菜鸡的计算机科学积木)!

What is this website for?

Original intention for establishing this site was to create a place where I could post blogs. I'm generally just tring to deliver what I've learned to my reader.

The site is now powered by "Ghost" engine, which gives much facility. It also allows multiple author cooperation, though till now there's only one author.

Who is jbji?

I'm Chunliang Li(李春良), and I've got a net name "jbji". I'm currently a undergraduate from Beijing Insititute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science. And I could possibly begin graduate life soon.

I'm fond of exploring various topics, including the application of computer & math. Reading mathematics of one of the things I love to do for leisure (I'm not good at this, however), along with gaming, music, etc.

History of the site

Wanna know history of the site? Click here.


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